Flatbed inkjet printer

Maximum substrate size 3,2 Mtr x 1,6 Mtr
Maximum substrate thickness 50 mm 
Maximum substrate weight 80 Kg
Machine dimensions width 3,23 Mt
Length 4,9 Mtr
Footprint 6 mtr x 7 Mtr
Weight 2500 Kg

User interface 
Console free standing with screen ,mouse & Keyboard
Print PC Spyder run software
Loading and unloading Manual
6 Printing heads CMYK (6 extra printing heads)
White two heads
two UV curing lamps twin mercury arc UV lamps
Inks Fuji UV curing ink
Inktanks to loading 4 litre stainless steel
Rip Hard ware dell computer
Rip software wasatch
dongles with licencense
extra pare parts
6 extra Printing heads 

Machine can be seen in production.

For more information please contact us.





Spider 320



Print Size:

3,2 mtr x 1,6 mtr

Colours Number:

6 printing heads cmyk


4,9 mtr


























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